The warehouse is located at the entrance of the motorway and is 3 km away from Mersin city center. It is only 1.5 km away from Mersin port.

The height of our warehouses is 13 meters. Thanks to the 5 meter concrete curtain, it is possible to safely store bulk cargo of high tonnages.

Our bonded warehouses have a total storage capacity of 40000m2, which can be done in a healthy way by loading and unloading.

This capacity is 13000m2 outdoor open and 27000m2 indoor closed area.

There are 2200m2 cold storage out of 5000m2 which is equipped with a shelf system and consists of 10 rooms. And 250m2 of this area is used as free duty free warehouse.

We have reachtruck machines that can serve up to 10 meters in the cold storage.

In the 22000m2 dry depot we have 6000m2 indoor storage area equipped with shelf system.

Thanks to the 9 electronic ramps connected to the warehouses, loading and unloading can be done in fast way.

It also allows open field storage with its open land concrete structure and modern water drainage system the storage area is provided with.

Our warehouse field has a modern and secure infrastructure, cleanliness, sufficient equipment and professional team and is amongst Mersin's considerable warehouses.

Our agricultural engineer that we employ routinely makes physical checks and inspections on the goods stored in the warehouses and informs the customer about the products he feels fit to be fumigated.

Third person liability insurance is made to the products of our customers stored in our warehouses.

We are also able to transfer shipments from vehicle to vehicle using the mobile ramps we have on the field.